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About Our Bux Mont PA Boiler Company

A boiler is a heating unit that can be configured to burn natural gas, propane, oil or electric to fuel the system that heats your home. This allows for a durable long lasting solution to heat your home.

At Nu Temp we are your premier boiler service company of Bux Mont and surrounding areas.

When you need a timely repair, or system installation, contact us and we'll get you taken care of! We specialize in boiler repair, boiler cleaning, boiler inspection, water treatment, welding & fabrication,

and related services for all types of commercial boilers.


Why our Bux Mont Pa Boiler Company


Most residential gas boilers don’t actually boil water – they just heat it. The hot water is then pumped into radiators, under-floor tubing, or to a heat exchanger. Wall-mounted radiators and hot water baseboards use their boiler-supplied hot water to warm rooms by radiation and convection. A gas boiler can also supply a forced-air heating system with hot water needed for its heat exchangers.



Your boiler is the heart of your facility and requires experienced, highly skilled technicians to handle any work.


If you want it done right, with maximum safety levels by people who know what they’re doing, then you want Nu Temp Heating and Cooling on the job.


We’ll take care of:


• Boiler re-tubing and welding

• Main fire tube repair

• Shell repairs

• Heat exchanger and condenser re-tubing

• Hydro-static testing

• Waterleg repairs

• Handhole replacement

• Manhole replacement

• Coil repairs

• Condensate and storage tanks

• Refractory repairs

• Tube cleaning and turbining

• Non-destructive testing services

• National Board “R” Stamp Authority welding


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