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100% Satisfaction Guarantees

Tune-up and Repair Guarantees


• If our Precision-Tune-up doesn't save you its entire cost in energy in the first 90 days, we will pay

  YOU the difference. You can't beat that.


• If your heating or air conditioning system should break down after we have performed a

 Precision-Tune-up this season, we will refund the money you spent on your system Precision-Tune-up,

  and put it toward the repair costs!


• If a repair fails during the season, we will repair it again absolutely FREE!


 System Replacement Guarantees


• Lifetime "Install-Right Ductwork Warranty"™ - to perform as designed and be free of defects for the

   lifetime of the system.


• Lifetime "Install-Right Cabinetry & Piping Warranty"™ - to not fail or leak air at non-joint or flanged points.


• Lifetime "Install-Right Air Balance Guarantee"™ - where we install an entire system, the air temperature

  will stay within 2 degrees between rooms or we will re balance it free.


• First Year "Install-Right Energy Savings Guarantee"™ - the equipment will operate at a reduced amount

   of energy units based on Energy Star® guidelines for one season.


• First Year "Install-Right Quiet Guarantee"™ - the equipment will operate within 10%+/- of its designed

  decibel levels per manufacturer's specification throughout the year.


• 24-Hour "Install-Right Livability Guarantee"™ - during the equipment warranty period we will provide

  heating or air conditioning within 24 hour of notice or we will put you up in a hotel until your system is



• We also honor all manufacturer's 10-year parts and labor warranties.

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